Our History

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The story of Peppy's goes back to one of the owner's (Joe) family member.  Before Joe was born his Mom had a brother named Edward.  Ed's nickname was "peppy".  After Joe was born his Uncle "Pep" moved to Idaho to work with a friend of his from when he was in the US Navy during Vietnam.

While Joe was growing up many of his Great Aunts and Uncles got him and his Uncle "pep" mixed up as they both had similar looks. "pep" as a child and Joe as a kid.

So throughout the years, Joe also got called "peppy" and the name stuck.  When his Uncle "Pep" passed on in 2018 from cancer Joe decided to pay homage to his Uncle and the name "peppy".

Joe is the head formulator, compounder and chandler.  He has a long history of chandlery and has an extensive culinary background.  That prior experience and knowledge gives Peppy's Soapy Stuff and Candles an expansive product base that is sure to cater to our customers needs.